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Ultra Dynamic Sky

This page demonstrates the Clouds Lighting plugin usage for Volumetric Clouds inside Ultra Dynamic Sky plugin.


  • Blank project is created and opened.
  • Clouds Lighting System plugin is enabled.
  • Ultra Dynamic Sky plugin is enabled.
  • Show Engine Content is enabled in the content browser settings.
  • Show Plugin Content is enabled in the content browser settings.

Volumetric Clouds

1. Open the UDS demo map

In the content browser navigate to 'UltraDynamicSky/Maps' and open 'DemoMap' level.

2. Open the cloud material

  1. In the level Outliner select 'Ultra_Dynamic_Sky' item.
  2. In Details panel select 'VolumetricCloud' component and open the Cloud Material asset.
  3. Navigate to the root material asset.

3. Add Light Material Function

  1. Drag and drop a Light Material Function into the clouds material.
  2. Modify the material as is shown on the screenshot below: UDS Cloud Material
  3. Apply material changes.

4. Add necessary light actors

Add Lighting System Actor and Point Light Source into the level, adjust light position and parameters.