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Examples Map

Asset location: CloudsLighting/Examples/ExamplesMap.  

The Examples Map demonstrates all main functionality of the plugin and lets you to test various functions using specific stands, that the map provides.

Also on the Examples Map you can see how lights can be integrated to volumetric clouds and particles and find prepared assets.

Examples Map

The map is also presented in the demo project.

Stands overview

Point Light

What is Demonstrated
1.1 ColorChanging of the point light's color.
1.2 IntensityChanging of the point light's intensity.
1.3 RadiusChanging of the point light's source radius.
1.4 FalloffChanging of the point light's falloff multiplier and falloff type.

Spot Light

What is Demonstrated
2.1 ColorChanging of the spot light's color.
2.2 IntensityChanging of the spot light's intensity.
2.3 ShapeChanging of the spot light's cone radius/length and cut distance.
2.4 FalloffChanging of the spot light's falloff multipliers (distance and angular) and falloff type.

Extra Use-Cases

What is Demonstrated
3.1 Particle SystemsLights integration into particle systems.
3.2 Volumetric FogIntegration into the volumetric fog volumes.