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Clouds Lighting System

An Unreal Engine plugin for volumetric lights.

Engine versions supported: v4.26 - v4.27, v5.0 - v5.4.

About the plugin

The plugin adds new light source types that are supposed to be used with cloud particle systems or volumetric clouds in Unreal Engine.

New light sources have a bunch of primary parameters that can be customized either in editor or dynamically in runtime via Blueprints/C++ API:

  • intensity;
  • color;
  • attenuation;
  • falloff type (exponential/inverse square);
  • etc.

Use cases

Some examples of plugin usage:

  • Lightning Strikes;
  • Sky Spotlights;
  • Various Sky Objects (asteroids, etc.);
  • etc.


  • High Performance – the light is computed really fast, the performance doesn't depend on light source parameters;
  • Unlimited Range – light actors can work in any range from a few meters to thousands of kilometers, this is not limited;
  • Easy Setup – just drag and drop some actors into your scene and it is good to go;
  • Easy Integration – lights can be integrated in any material of any subsystem with ease;
  • No Dependencies – the plugin doesn't depend on any other systems;
  • Network Replication – all plugin components can be fully replicated.


If you have any questions – please refer to these contacts: