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Particle Systems

This page demonstrates the Clouds Lighting plugin usage for default Particle Systems inside the Unreal Engine.


  • Blank project with Starter Content is created and opened.
  • Clouds Lighting System plugin is enabled.
  • Show Engine Content is enabled in the content browser settings.
  • Show Plugin Content is enabled in the content browser settings.


1. Add a particle system

Navigate to '/Content/StarterContent/Particles', and move P_Smoke particles into the world.

2. Add Light Material Function

In the Details panel of the newly added Particle System find and open particles material.

Drag and drop a Light Material Function into a particles material and connect it to Emissive Color. Apply material changes.


If your particles have several materials - you probably need to add Light Material Finction to each of them.

3. Add necessary light actors

Add Lighting System Actor and Spot Light Source into the level, adjust light position and parameters.

4. Add opacity

To make particles texture more sharp when it is lit up - you can add opacity to Emissive Color value:

  1. Navigate back to the particles material and add Multiply node.
  2. Connect Light Material Function with the Multiply node's A, and Opacity value with the B.
  3. Connect the value of Multiply node to Emissive Color.