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Spot Light Source

Asset location: CloudsLighting/Blueprints/LightSources/BP_VolumetricSpotLight.  

Light source with conical shape.

Spot Light Actor


Source LengthfloatLength of the light source cone.
Source RadiusfloatRadius of the light source cone.
Ang Falloff MultfloatIntensity angular falloff multiplier (aside of the cone).
ColorLinear ColorLight source color.
IntensityfloatLight source intensity.
Falloff TypeEnumLight source falloff type (Exponential / Inverse square).
Falloff MultfloatIntensity falloff multiplier – defines attenuation of the light.
Cut DistancefloatLight source cut distance (radius from center).
Is EnabledboolWhether the light source is enabled in game.


Source Length

Source Radius

Ang Falloff Mult


Falloff Type

Falloff Mult

Cut Distance